Roberto Cantoni

Name:                                                  Roberto Cantoniroberto

Year of PhD:                                       3 of 3

Thesis Topic:                                      Oil Diplomacy in France & Italy

Funding Body:                                   TEUS; European Research Council


I’m in my third year of PhD at CHSTM, and I’m researching on links between oil exploration, diplomacy and security in Cold War France and Italy. My academic career is quite windy, as I started with an MSc in Physics at ‘Federico II’ University in Naples (South Italy), switched to Linguistics for a few years, and then moved to the humanities side of science through an MA in History and Philosophy of Science at ‘Denis Diderot’ University in Paris and an MA in Science Communication at SISSA-ISAS, Trieste (North Italy). Just before abandoning the idea of getting involved in another PhD, I joined “The Earth Under Surveillance” project at CHSTM ). After a short internship at the CERN Bulletin and a collaboration with the Parisian science popularisation association Paris-Montagne, I’m currently working as an editor at OggiScienza, an Italian science communication webzine, and at STEPS magazine (University of Manchester).

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