Sam Robinson

Name:                                                  Sam Robinson

sam picture

Year of PhD:                                       3 of 3

Thesis Topic:                                      Cold War British Oceanography

Funding Body:                                   The Earth under Surveillance Project; European Research Council


Before joining CHSTM I studied History at the University of Aberdeen. At CHSTM I am a member of the Earth under Surveillance project and my work focuses on military oceanography in Western Europe during the Cold War, centring on Britain and focusing on the growth, development and ultimate collapse of the committees that came to define the relationship between oceanographers and their military patrons from 1940-1973. I am particularly interested in the concurrent developments of Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS) and oceanographic research in strategic environments such as the North East Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea; in addition to the development of Science Policy in post-war Britain.

Contacts:             ׀ @Samhistsci ׀ samuel.robinson-3(at) ׀ ׀ ׀ ׀

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