Stuart Butler

Name:                                                  Stuart Butler

Year of PhD:                                     3 of 3

Thesis Topic:                                     Rockets and Stuff

Funding Body:                                   ESRC


Really I’m not an historian of science, technology or medicine – I’m more a diplomatic historian who got lost and ended up back on the right side of the Pennines.

My research is a kind of mash up of foreign policy, science policy and Yes (Prime) Minister (i.e. full of bad seventies puns).
You can find an Up-Goer Five explanation of my PhD here, which is, admittedly, rather confusing.

Previously I’ve looked at British-European relations and the peaceful uses of atomic energy (for my MA) and at Anglo-American relations and the decision to abandon the Blue Streak ballistic missile (for my BA), which was all done at the University of Nottingham.  All this means is that I know too much about reactor designs and the storage of liquid rocket propellants (excellent conversation starters).

In my spare time I enjoy baking, hill walking, real ale and scotch drinking: whilst listening to truly terrible music.

Contacts: @HiSTphd

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