Jia-Ou Song

Name: Jia-Ou Song

Year of PhD: 3 of 3

Thesis Topic:  Comparative science museum studies

Funding Body: CASE ESRC


My name is Jia-Ou Song, I am a first-year PhD candidate (and TA) at the University of Manchester. Most of the time, I can be found amongst colleagues at the Centre for History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM), but my home departments are Chinese Studies and Museology,  both of the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures. That said, I now somehow classify as a social scientist, and train with the School of Social Sciences. All in all, this means that I am a researcher who frequents multiple buildings on campus, so if you’re lost, you know who to ask.

At the moment, I am interested in the interaction between secondary school pupils in the UK and China, and cutting-edge research in physics, all set on the platform of a science museum. I collaborate with the Science Museum Group in the UK; Zhejiang Association of Science and Technology, and Beijing University in China.
At the moment, I am in China! Read about my experiences on my blog.



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