Lunchtime Seminar: Tuesday 7th May 2013

Where are all the adults?
Engaging publics in nuclear physics in museums in the UK and China. 

Jia-Ou Song

University of Manchester


Tuesday 7th May 2013

1 p.m. – 2 p.m.
Simon Building Room 2.57

The museum has played a part in science education in one form or another for over 150 years, having taken over the baton from scientific collections that sprung up nearly 400 years ago. The science museum takes place as a rite of passage in many childhoods, and continues to communicate science everywhere between the laboratory and the theatre. But what do we really learn from them? How do they aid us in situating complex, intangible “science” in the familiarity of every-day life? While museums are adept at transmitting completed research and known discoveries, the matters of communicating research-in-progress and scientific controversies have yet to be explored in depth. And what of foreign science? The science museum is often held up as an example of a less biased, “un-politicised” platform, can it help scientific international relations? This seminar attempts to tackle these questions by looking at communications of nuclear physics in the UK and China, as well as the historical and contemporary functions of the science museum in this field of research.

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