The CHSTM Lunchtime Seminars October-December 2013

It’s finally here!

Yes, we finally managed to get our brains in gear and organise our weekly seminar programme. (It seems that iCHSTM is no longer the excuse it once was). The posters will be going up in time for each seminar once a week, but here is the full programme all  in one handy post!


October – December 2013
1 p.m. in Room 2.57, Simon Building, Brunswick Street.

All are welcome.

01st October
Special Event: Wilson’s White Heat at the People’s History Museum
Professor Stephen Fielding (author of, The Labour Governments 1964-70, Volume 1: Labour and Cultural Change) will introduce the speech and answer questions afterwards.
(For further information please visit:
The PhD students will be attending; we will leave from outside room 2.57 at 1pm to ensure that we arrive in plenty of time.

The museum have limited space so please email: to indicate your interest and ensure a seat.

 08th October        Special Event: Museum Trip (to be confirmed) 

15th October        Becky Bowd, University of Leeds
‘Extending medical knowledge’: libraries, books and medicine in the eighteenth century

 22nd October        Laura Neff, Royal Holloway, University of London
In This Empire: Memory, Metaphors and the Rise of the Medical Statesman 1860-1890

05th November    Justine Cook, University of Kent
Road Signs, Design Aesthetics and History of Technology

12th November    Chris Corker, Sheffield Hallam University
The Spin Of Technology: Armaments and Metallurgy at Hadfields, Sheffield c.1900-1914

 19th November    Cameron Roberts, University of Manchester
Intercity motoring: from vision to realization as shown in the British motoring press.

 26th November    Hannah Kershaw, University of Manchester
‘What your mother won’t tell you…’ the representation of HIV/AIDS in British teenage girls’ magazines, 1983-1997

03rd December    Dunja Blazevic, University of Bergen
A place for gender in history? Debating gender history in Scandinavia 1970-2000′



For more information on any of the above seminars please contact:, or,, or,



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