Erin Beeston

Name:                                                  Erin Beeston

Year of PhD:                                       1 of 3

Thesis Topic:                                     

Spaces of industrial heritage: a history of uses, perceptions and remaking of the Liverpool Road Station, Manchester

Funding Body:                                   AHRC


I am a final year PhD student at CHSTM in collaboration with the Museum of Science of Industry, Manchester. My project is all about Liverpool Road Station, the world’s first inter-urban passenger railway station, now home to the Museum of Science and Industry. I am taking an interdisciplinary approach to research, drawing upon social history, urban history, heritage and museum studies. I am aim to chart perceptions of the site as a working goods station (1830-1975, the station closed to passengers in 1844) and explore how and why the site was re-imagined as a space for heritage and ultimately became home to the North Western Museum of Science and Industry in 1983. I am drawing upon a range of methodologies in my research, from archival research to oral history interviews.

I previously worked in North West museums for five years in collections roles and during my Art Gallery & Museum Studies M.A. (Manchester, ‘07-08) I worked as an assistant presenter at Museum of Science and Industry, where I am delighted to return for research purposes.

Twitter: @Erin_bee



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