Lunchtime Seminar Programme: Spring 2014

It’s finally here!

chstm lunchtime seminars better

February – June 2014

1 p.m. in Room 2.57, Simon Building, Brunswick Street. Everyone is welcome.


04th February             Laura Ramsay, University of Nottingham

An Uneasy Consensus: The Church of England’s engagement with questions of homosexuality during the 1950s and 1960s

11th February             Alice Haigh, University of Leeds

Mind, Body and Business. Elevating the masses by means of the Bethnal Green Museum.

18th February             Alice White, University of Kent

History of a Technology? Are psychological selection tests technologies, or techniques (or something else)?

25th February             Adrian Kirwan, National University of Ireland

Implementing optical telegraphy: a case study of R.L. Edgeworth’s Telegraphic Establishment, 1797-1805

04th March                  Stuart Butler, University of Manchester

Performing Decline: tackling hindsight’s blurred visions of Britain, 1964-70

11th March                  Anne Hanley, University of Cambridge

Venereological education among medical undergraduates in England, 1890-1914.

18th March                  Prof Sophia Ananiadou, University of Manchester

An introduction to text mining

25th March                  Arik Clausner, University of St Andrews

Imperial Science and the First World War: The Case of the Imperial Bureau of Entomology.

01st April                    Erin Beeston, University of Manchester

Shock City railway station: Liverpool Road in the 1840s’

29th April                    Sarah Crook, Queen Mary, University of London

‘Doing Good and Feeling Bad’: Psychiatry, Motherhood, and the Women’s Liberation Movement’

06th May                      Katherine Platt, University of Manchester
Making Siemens work for England: negotiating a place for the firm in the nineteenth century

13th May                      Andrew Ball, University of Manchester

“Why drag it out into the light?” History, the early 20th century British slaughterhouse and the ‘the politics of sight.

20th May                      Ruth Wainman, University of Kent

Doing the work of a Scientist?’ Embarking on a Career in Science from World War 2 to early Post-War Britain

27th May                      Andrew Black, University of Manchester

“Should patients be ‘tortured’ in the name of progress?”: Clinical science and psychiatry in post-war Britain 

03rd June                    Suzanne Grieve, University of Manchester


For more information on any of the above seminars please contact:

Andrew, Stuart, or Hannah

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