• When sunny, walk to university. If rainy (and you are in Manchester) get a week pass, it will invariably rain for the rest of the week and this saves scrambling for change on a daily basis.

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  • Get an Oystercard if in London. Make sure you tie it to your 16-25 Railcard (which you can get even if you’re older but still in full-time education). This lowers the cap price by 25% and reduces single fares too!
  • Try splitting train travel into multiple tickets. This is particularly easy if you’re changing trains, but other places are easy to note and make sense: (all examples from Manchester

    London: Buy a single to Stafford (on a Cross Country train), then a single to London (on a London Midland train) – it takes about an 70/80 mins more than a Virgin train but can be more than half the price.

    Bristol/Bath: Buy a single to Newport (Gwent), get the song stuck in your head, then a single to Bristol/Bath – it takes a good 1 ½ hours more but you can spend £30 return instead of £90 return!

    Nottingham: Buy a single to Sheffield (Northern), then a single to Nottingham (Northern or East Midlands).

    For the rest of the country try the Tickety Split tool or SplitYourTicket – it only shows splits for walk-on fares, but the suggestion it makes usually applies to advance tickets too.

  • Never, ever, buy Plusbus no matter how much it seems like a good idea, odds are you’ll be told that you can’t use a train ticket on a bus and have to buy a normal ticket.
  • Are lots of you going? Think about taking/renting a car (or if there are lots, making up a student society and using the student union minibus) – it can be a lot cheaper than getting the train.
  • Has your train been delayed by something like this?
    • q

If so, you can probably get a refund on your ticket – check with the train company!

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