Lunchtime seminar series – 17th March: Mujeeb Khan (University of Cambridge)

CHSTMSeminar Mujeeb Khan

“Chinese Medicine, Early Japan, and the Appropriation of Knowledge”

The introduction of numerous Chinese intellectual traditions into Japan, first through the Korean peninsula and then directly from the continent during the Sui and Tang dynasties, played an important role in shaping ancient Japanese culture and would serve as the basis for the development of various disciplines within the nation. Using Chinese medicine in ancient Japan as a case study, this talk focuses on the imagination of medicine by early Japanese scholarship. In particular, it considers what this imagination entailed by identifying how it reveals the nature of appropriation within early Japan and particular aspects of this appropriation. It also touches briefly upon how, perhaps, this might shed further light on the reception of foreign knowledge by civilizations and their subsequent local employment of the ostensibly foreign.


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