Lunchtime seminar series – 29th September: Tosh Warwick

The CHSTM lunchtime seminar series starts up again on Tuesday 29th September at 1pm, in Room 2.57, Simon Building.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

Tosh Warwick (Middlesbrough Council/University of Huddersfield)

Ironopolis, ironmasters and transport: Middlesbrough in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

Middlesbrough was the first town in the world to owe it’s existence to the development of the railways. Arising from the extension of the Stockton and Darlington Railway, Middlesbrough was initially established as a coal export town before its rapid expansion as the Victorian ‘boom town’. At the heart of Middlesbrough’s evolution were the town’s mid-Victorian ironmasters who as well as providing employment were also actively engaged in early municipal, political and economic life.

It has been contended that as a result of these industrial elites enjoying prosperity, epitomised in apparent gentrification in moving away from the town and occupying country houses on the peripheries, these and later industrialists withdrew from urban engagement.

This paper will contest that despite no longer living in the town, Middlesbrough’s later steel magnates remained involved in its day-to-day life facilitated by railway links to the town. Furthermore, it will be shown that they were central to developing new transport links in the form of the area’s landmark Tees Transporter Bridge.

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