Lunchtime seminar series – 6th October: Marc Hudson (University of Manchester)

Marc Hudson

The politics of pollution promises: ‘clean coal’ and climate change, 1976 to the present

Climate change caused by the human species’ appetite for fossil fuels has been theorised for over a hundred years, and worried about since the 1950s. In 1976 a scientist proposed capturing carbon dioxide from power plants and storing (or dumping, depending on your viewpoint) it in the deep oceans. The idea gained little traction, but since the early 1990s more attention has been paid to capturing carbon and storing it in aquifers and now-empty oil and gas fields. This proposed technology (CCS) received a great deal of attention – and some funding – in the 2000s.

This (interactive!) seminar will look at the economic, technological and cultural motives of both ‘clean coal’ proponents and opponents, with special emphasis on Australia, but with instructive detours to the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom.


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