Eleanor Rose Shaw

Eleanor has an undergraduate degree from the University of Glasgow in History and English Literature and a Masters degree in African Studies from SOAS. She has worked in health and development, running projects to educate and support health professionals both in the UK and around the globe. 

Eleanor’s PhD is on a specialist British anaesthesia journal during the 20th century, exploring the range of different roles that the journal played and the impact of these activities on the research it funded and published. She is particularly interested in understanding the relationship of specialist journals to the community they represent, in making clear the impact of elite institutions on the research they produce, and the changing face of acceptable medical knowledge in the late twentieth century.

Eleanor is also interested in colonial and imperial histories of medicine in Africa and histories of development. You can read more of her work here:

Making Malaria History: https://nursingclio.org/2022/01/18/making-malaria-history/

The 200-year Cycle: An Early Climate-based Reaction to the Crisis in the Sahel and its Uptake in 1973: