Iqra Choudhry


Unlocking the SCAR archive: the sixty-year long consolidation of Antarctic governance through polar research

My Research

I am a PhD student working with the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) and the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge. I study the SCAR archives, looking at the organisation’s place in the history of Antarctic exploration, the history of international scientific collaboration and international science policy. My research sits at the intersection of international relations, global geopolitics and the history of science and looks at the history of SCAR to examine the relationships between science, history and policy making on an international scale.

Research Interests

History of Science, Polar Studies, Science Policy, Science Diplomacy and Global Geopolitics.

Presentations Given

“Science Diplomacy and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research.” Science Diplomacy: Themes and Case Studies Workshop, February 2018.
“SCAR, IASC and the coordination of Polar Research During the Cold War.” British Society for the History of Science Postgraduate Conference, April 2018.
“SCAR, IASC and the coordination of Polar Research During/After the Cold War.” POLAR2018 Open Science Conference, June 2018.