Leah De Quattro



Knowing Childbirth: Birth Stories and Collective Learning

Following a MSc at CHSTM on the same topic, my PhD research looks at how group-led antenatal sessions co-produce birth knowledge, the role of birth stories in childbirth preparation, and how women evaluate the relevance and impact of collective sources. I will seek to answer these questions through archival research, participant observation at a selection of antenatal classes and groups, and focus groups and interviews with mothers.

Previously, I have studied music subcultures in Liverpool and Salvador as sites of popular resistance during an undergraduate anthropology degree at Boston College. I’ve also spent the past fifteen years as a member of a worker co-operative grocery in South Manchester, and the last decade birthing and raising three daughters. Although these topics may seem disparate – music, food and now birth – for me they represent a consistent interest in the value and power of everyday activities.