Peter Eveleigh

 Peter Eveleigh

The Democratisation of Private Flight

Broadly speaking, I want to investigate the extent to which non-commercial aviation has been democratised; that is, I want to ask to what extent it is possible for “everyone”, regardless of gender, education, wealth, etc. to learn to fly, to purchase and to operate an aeroplane

I intend to study the history of the development of “airmindedness”, the various private and State-sponsored initiatives designed to encourage flying clubs and the development of light aeroplanes; regulation which has encouraged or stifled innovation, economies of scale and the rate of innovation; public perceptions of danger, etc.

I took my MSc in the History of Technology at Imperial College under David Edgerton in 1997. My dissertation was on the effects of the rubber shortage, after the fall of Malaya, on the production of condoms – and the resulting effects on venereal prophylaxis and the incidence of VD in the civilian population during WW2.

I have a primary teaching background, though now I work for myself in property development. My greatest passion is flying.