Po-Hsun Chen


As a physician with an interdisciplinary training background among western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and Science, Technology, and Society Studies (STS) in Taiwan, I have always been captivated by and interested in the interaction and the dialogue between medicine and society, past and present.

Owing to my cross-disciplinary training, I am fascinated by the diversity of the use of herbs between different epistemologies, cultures and governmentalities. I am interested in how the clinical practitioners, the scholars and the governments integrate the traditional with the modern resources, including the concept of Materia Medica and the biomedicine technology, to generate new knowledge and new regulations. In other words, my research is to inquire what the meanings of the modernization and globalization of TCM are for countries that were struggling between engaging with the modern nation and inheriting the traditional culture in the late 20th century.

MA: Master of Social science. Institute of Science, Technology and Society, National Yang Ming University. Taiwan.
September 2015—July 2018

BA: Double degree of Doctor of Medicine, School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and School of Medicine, Chang Gung University. Taiwan.
September 2007—June 2015

Professional Experience
Physician, Chinese Medicine Department, Tainan Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare. Taiwan.
February 2016—now

Curating Consultant, 心誠則靈?台灣藥籤與醫療文化展 (Hold on to Your Faith and Things Will Go Your Way? Prescription Divinations and Medicine Culture in Taiwan.) National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan.
20, March, 2019—19, April, 2019