Yuting Yao



Chimney under Reconstruction or Decoration: Climate Change Communication and Negotiation in China

PhD thesis

My project is a response to the disproportionally scant attention paid to climate change communication in the Chinese context. China has been the leading greenhouse gas emitter and the most populous country with increasing demand for resources, while also pioneered in the world in renewable energy and pronounced its ambitions to reduce emissions: the picture of how the country engages in climate action appears intricate and even in a way paradoxical. Before either fantasising or devaluing China’s ability in contributing to global climate protection, it’s necessary to understand what does ‘climate change’ and the subsequent ‘addressing climate change’ mean to different groups of people. This project, therefore, aims to follow climate communication in China by investigating who speaks for climate change, what are the discourses in text and practice used, what shape their formulation and how they may in turn influence others’ perception and response to climate change. 

Research interests
Climate Communication, Science Communication, Science and Technology Studies, East Asian Studies

Published work
Wang, Guoyan, Jane Gregory, Xi Cheng, and Yuting Yao. “Cover stories: An emerging aesthetic of prestige science.” Public Understanding of Science 26, no. 8 (2017): 925-936.